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Thanks for visiting my talk radio media training page. I am a former Los Angeles Paramedic - a people person - now an author, news analyst and frequent talk radio guest expert on hundreds of all-talk shows across America. I specialize in training emerging incoming experts to be their best from their very first.


The emerging expert - the contributor who believes it's time to step into talk radio  as a guest authority - can develop a superb persona to be the best ambassador for their mission. Personalized training before marketing yourself to radio shows as a desirable guest can optimize your sound and your messaging as part of your mission's goals. See my e-brochure here.


Private media training brings the new expert into much more than a conversation overheard as entertainment. Thousands tune in to talk radio as their own light speed comparing of notes for their enlightened self-interest. The 2016 election season already underway will be much in need of experts from all fields affected by change; perhaps your insights will also be very valuable to listeners.


Many contributors in their written content substantively contribute to America's conversation. If you would like to train to sound as good as you read in print, please write my office for more information.




John Longenecker is in his 11th year as a guest expert on stations large and small.



An affordable, personalized course of drills, instruction, exercises, critique, homework assignments and more.


Confidential.  Nationwide.


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